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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eric Giguere: 10 steps to increase your technorati ranking

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Eric Giguere is the author of the book Make Easy Money with Google - Using the AdSense Advertising Program as we have read the review here. He is also the author of another book: Uncommon Adsense. These books give us good tips and experiences for using Google Adsense.

In this post I shall share you tips from Eric Giguere about how to increase your technorati ranking. I have read this here. My blog technorati ranking is low, and I'm learning day by day to increase it. All the best for you and me!

Following are the tips:
  1. Consolidate your blogs into one. Ultimately, it's all about the links back to your blog. Multiple blogs means fewer links to each blog, hence lower rankings for each blog. One way I could get Make Easy Money with Google and AdSense to rank higher is to fold in GeekAffiliate, but I'm not going to do that. Consolidating your blogs might be better for your Techorati ranking, but it may be bad for your readership, especially if the different blogs you run on are very different and unrelated topics. Only you can decide what's more important. But if you're going for a high ranking, There Can Be Only One.
  2. Claim your blog. Self-evident, but Technorati's not going to rank your blog if they don't know about it!
  3. Tag the blog. When you claim the blog, you get to tag it with up to 20 keywords that describe the blog. Fill all 20 slots with relevant keywords.
  4. Tag the posts. Place relevant Technorati tags in each post. If you're using WordPress, the SimpleTags plugin makes it really easy to tag your posting as you're writing it.
  5. Use good tags. There's a bit of an art to choosing how you'll tag a post. You'll have a list of standard tags (for this blog, I obviously tag almost every post with “AdSense” and “Google”) but you'll want to spend some time exploring the Technorati tag clouds to find popular tags that you might be missing. (This applies both to the blog tags and the post tags.)
  6. Ping promptly. When you post a new blog entry, immediately ping Technorati. It's trivial to do it automatically, but you can also do it manually if you must. But the timing is important because Technorati lists blog postings by their publication time, not by their ping time. So if you post an item and only ping an hour later, your entry might never show up on the first page for a given keyword, especially for popular topics.
  7. Make sure your blog is being indexed. Some blogs (such as mine) have had problems getting Technorati to index them properly. Make sure you posts are showing up and that your “last updated” time for your blog is correct.
  8. Develop some authority. Anyone with a half-decent blog on any remotely profitable topic is going to have splogs linking to them in no time flat. What you want, though, are links from older, more established, authoritative blogs. These will confer an aura of authority on your own blog. Technorati browsers can selectively filter out low- or no-authority blogs, so it's important to get some authority as quickly as possible.
  9. Add a photo/avatar to your blogs. A lot of blogs don't have a photo or avatar associated with them. It's really easy to add one to your Technorati account. When people are scanning through Technorati looking for interesting blogs, using an eye-catching graphic as the photo/avatar is one way to make your blog jump out at them. You still have to convince them to read, though, so…
  10. Be interesting. Ultimately, your blog's going to be judged on its content. If you're writing good stuff, others will link to you, though you can make that more likely by writing good headlines (see 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work) and leaning towards topics and opinions that are more on the controversial side.

The Technorati ranking is just one measure of a blog's popularity, of course, but not every well-read blog is necessarily going to show up high in Technorati's list. But if public recognition is what you crave, the steps I just described will help you climb the rankings.

Remember, it's one post at a time, and don't forget that you're competing against other blogs who are also trying hard to increase their rankings. That's why your rankings drift if you don't keep your blog going — it's not really that you lose links, but that other blogs keep getting links. (Refer back to The Tyranny of the Blog.)


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