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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to display "Recent Comments" for your blog just in 1 minute?

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I think that there are many people have the same problem as me in replying the comments in our blog. Your responsibility in replying comments is one of the tips to increase your Blog traffic. However sometime we don't know that there are some comments about one of our old posts. One way to know is that, you can set in the Setting tag for the Comments the Comment Notification Email. Once you have a new comment, the system inform you automatically via this email. However, if you have many comments the your mail-box will full!
According to me, if we can display in our blog the function: Show recent comments then it is easier to control, because I am sure that you surf your blog every day!
How to do it? There are many ways to fix this problem, of course. However the simplest, fastest way as I have ever known coming from Blogger-Templates. You can come there to fill out your information, click into Apply --> Add Widget into my Blog, a new window open, you Select a blog, choose the Title, Add Widget. It takes you about 1 minute to finish!
Now you can come here to show your Recent Comments!
Vietnameses can visit here to read!


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