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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book review: Uncommon AdSense (Eric Giguere)

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We know Eric Giguere because of his famous book for earning money with Google Adsense: Make easy money with Google. This book is so useful for beginning Bloggers who would like to earn money online with Google Adsense.
He has written one more interesting book also about this subject: Uncommon AdSense - Tips, Strategies and Techniques to Maximize Your AdSense Earnings.
I repost here the mini-review of this book by Darren from Problogger.
I wish you can learn something from this useful book.

Uncommon AdSense is Eric’s book which steps things up a notch and is aimed at beginners through to more experienced AdSense users.

My initial reflection on it is that he’s achieved that. Uncommon AdSense does step up a notch (or a few).

If you’re a very experienced user of AdSense you probably won’t learn heaps (although Eric managed to remind me of a few techniques that I’d forgotten and shared a few tips that I’d not used before) but if you’re at the beginning of your journey it is one resource to consider investing in.

What I like about Eric’s style is that he’s not into hype.

His resources have a much more humble and realistic presentation of what can (and can’t) be achieved with AdSense than many others writing on the topic. In fact at times he could probably do with a little more hype. I know he’s planning a revamp for his sales page - and I agree it needs a bit of a work over :-)

The other thing I like about Eric’s approach is that he doesn’t just include ‘AdSense tips’ in his book but shares a few of his tips on good website practices.

The book has 102 pages, 41 sections and comes with bonuses (including free updates - something Eric’s already done with the latest AdSense policy changes).

Lastly - Eric offers a money back guarantee - so if you don’t learn anything you can always get your $47 back.

Buy Uncommon AdSense here.


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