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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to display "Popular Pages Today" and "Most Viewed Posts"?

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Together with the post How to display "Recent Comments" for your blog just in 1 minute?, in this post I shall show you how to show your "Most Viewed Posts" (without days) and your "Popular Pages Today". These are important for your visitors to regconize the most interesting contents in your Blog. Thanks AnhVo for writing the code for "Most Viewed Posts".

First, to show your "Most Viewed Posts", you add the following code at anywhere you would like to display it:

<script type="text/javascript">
start_views_num = 500;
limit = 7;
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Note that, you should replace two parameters start_views_num and limit by the least viewed number of posts and the limited number of posts you would like to display, respectively.

Now I shall show you how to display "Popular Pages Today", using FEEDJIT. First, you visit the homepage of FEEDJIT. There are 4 interesting widgets served by FEEDJIT: LIVE TRAFFIC FEED, LIVE TRAFFIC MAP, LIVE RECOMMENDED READING, and LIVE PAGE POPULARITY. Here we are interested in showing "Popular Pages Today", so I recommend you using the widget LIVE PAGE POPULARITY. You just need to click into ADD IT!, one new window appears, you should copy the code and paste in your HTML source at anywhere you would like to display it!

Moreover, if you are using Blogspot or TypePad, it is easier for you to add this widget directly. You are still standing in this new Window, you just choose Blogger or TypePad, choose your blog, choose the title to displace, and finally, you click into ADD WIDGET. You should save your setting, and now you may return to your homepage to see your "Popular Pages Today".

I hope this post can help you avoiding a headache!


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