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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Earn money with Homepages Friends - It is easy!

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In this post I recommend you how to earn money with Homepages Friends, with the old name MySearchFunds. I tell you that, I just know this program recently. It is great!

Instead of using normal Yahoo (or Google, or MSN,...) search engine without profit, you should add this search engine tool to your browsers and earn money from your search keywords.

Homepages Friends is a UK based company which works by collecting revenue from the sponsored links in any searches you carry out. All search engines are the same, but this is the only company so far to split the profit with the user 50/50. This website allows you to get paid for searches you do. You get paid around 2 pence per search. Not a big amount but soon builds up after a few weeks/months depending on the amount of searches you make.

Please note that all payments are subject to a minimum of £20 and are paid 45 days after the month end.

Now I show you how to use this great program. First click to Sign Up. You will see a new window as follows:
Fill in your Name, your Country, and your contact email, tick in the box for Terms & Conditions, and click into > Step 2. In a new window you can see steps 2 and 3, your registered information (ID for Homepages Friends, password, email). You should ignore step 2, and go directly to sep 3 to install your search box: Click here to change your search box, then choose Start using it right away. You can see the picture as follows:
An email is sent to your mail box with your detail registered information (you should remember the password to Sign In, and you may find this email in Bulk). Now, you can see your name in the search box (for example, my user name is EasyAdsenseVn) and you may use it for searching.

In the same window, you see Click here to go to your homepage and start exploring. Click into the link, you will see a window like:
It brings money for you!

There is another interesting thing, coming from recommending your friends to join in Homepages Friends. The search engine has a 3-tier referral system, you get paid 10% from level 1, 5% from level 2 and 2.5% from level 3 referral revenues. If you recommend a friend to join the site, you can earn an extra 10%.

You can recommend a friend by using a feature called Tell a friend. By including your friends emails, Homepages Friends sends them a self explanatory letter on how to join.

It is really interesting. Come to Sign Up now, and please feedback me when you earn some money.


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