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Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 programs help you to increase the blog traffic quickly!

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If you visited my blog yesterday, you did not see an icon with a big and nice letter "E" together with the word "Drop", and you did not see the icon of BlogRush in my blog. These are two of programs what I would like to recommend you today in order to increase the traffic of your Website. Many people use these programs to solve the traffic problem. A common principle of these programs is that, bloggers advertise together and exchange the traffic. These are BlogRush, Spottt, EntreCard, AdgridWork and AdsFlip.

1. BlogRush

BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need: More Readers For Their Blog.

By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs.

BlogRush is a "Cooperative Syndication Network." It's a network of blogs that run a small "widget" on their pages. Each time this widget is loaded it will contain 5 clickable headlines which are the blog post titles to other users' posts. Clicking on any of these links will open a new browser window and load the blog and full post. Users earn "syndication credits" based on each time their blog loads the widget as well as each time any of their referrals (users that signup after clicking the "add your blog posts" link on the widget) loads the widget. They also earn additional credit based on all the activity through 10 generations of referrals. 1 Syndication Credit = having one of their recent blog post titles served inside the widget on another member's blog.

Syndication credits are earned based on the following formula: You earn credits on your own traffic using a 1:1 ratio. (One credit for each time the widget is served.) You then earn credits based on your referrals traffic (and their referrals traffic) through 10 generations of referrals based on the following ratios: 1st and 2nd generation (i.e. your direct referrals and their direct referrals) 1:1, 3rd - 6th generation = 1:4 ratio, 7th - 10th generation = 1:8 ratio. After all the math is calculated, there is a surplus of 1 headline space (5 spaces in each widget load) for every 10 that are served. So 10% of all the headline space is reserved for BlogRush itself to sell or use.

You can read FAQ for more questions!

2. Entrecard
Entrecard is your business card 2.0. It's a 125x125 image which represents you and your blog. Its part advertisement, part business card. It comes with a widget you place on your blog, so that others can leave their Entrecard for you. You can also use Entrecard to promote your blog and launch free advertising campaigns.

You can use Entrecard to launch advertising campaigns where you run your 125x125 Entrecard on someone else's widget, which would link through to your site. This is the equivalent of your standard 125x125 advertisement, except it is run on a day-to-day basis instead of a monthly basis, and you pay with credits instead of dollars.

The going rate is equal to twice the average number of cards received through the widget daily over the last five days. So, if a blog receives 100 cards on average per day, it costs 200 credits to advertise on their blog. This helps ensure that the economy balances. It also means that for every two credits you spend, a unique user will see your ad and be clicking in the vicinity.

For more details, you can read FAQ.

3. Spottt - Free Link Exchange:
Spottt makes free advertising available to everyone on the Internet.

The concept is simple: by joining, members agree to display ads for other members. It's automated, and uses a small snippet of HTML inserted into any web page. The amount of free advertising members receive is directly proportional to the amount they give to others.

Three easy steps you should do to join in Spottt:

  • Register for a free account
  • Upload your 125x125 graphical ad
  • Embed the HTML code into your website
Every time your site shows someone else's ad, you earn 3 credits. When you earn 4 credits, your ad will be shown on someone else's site once. You can log in at any time to check your current balance.

You can add up to 10 different websites per account. To add a new site, log in and click "Create a new Spottt."

Spottt is a free service from the people at AdBrite.

4. AdsFlip - Free Advertising Network:

AdsFlip is the latest most easiest and fastest way to market your website. Newly launched in 2008, one of AdsFlips main target is to help users promote their website and allow users to publish their adverts across our AdsFlip network for absolutely free.

AdsFlip is an advert sharing network where users can register an account for free and share their adverts across websites on the network. The adverts are displayed as text or image in a banner form. In return, by displaying adverts on other websites, the user accepts and advertises other banners from the network on his website.

Many website owners can benefit from AdsFlips free service. With its easy-to-use, user friendly interface, users can promote their website banner on thousands of websites with a click of a button. Advertising has never been this easy.

Best of all, the users will receive the right kind of traffic for their website, as the adverts will only be marketed on websites with similar content to theirs. Although undergoing major improvements, AdsFlip is programmed to recognise a websites content and can determine the right category for it.

With AdsFlips advanced scripting which updates all information instantly, you’ll save a lot of time and you’ll be able to reach a very large targeted audience on our network.

While registering for an AdsFlip account, you will be provided with an HTML Code which you simply paste on to your HTML of your website; this code is called the AdsFlip Banner.

Once pasted our AdsFlip robot crawls the website and determines which category the website should be listed under. It examines the overall content of the website; using algorithms, it extracts information such as titles, sentences, paragraphs, website layout and keywords. Once AdsFlip works out the relevant category for the website, the users will be ready to start advertising and receive adverts.

Welcome to the fastest and easiest way to expose your website.

Welcome to AdsFlip.

AdgridWork - A Free Online Advertising Network:

To register for adgridwork, all you need is a valid email address and a password of your choice. Go to our Registration page and enter the three required fields. You can only register with your email address once, but can add as many websites as you would like from that single address.

After you register, you will be taken to your Account Manager (the page with 'Site Summary' at the top). From there, you need to Add a Website to the Network. By Adding Your Site, you are basically letting our system know that you plan on serving ads on your website and want your own advertisement (which you will create using the Site Submission form) displayed on others. If you are currently logged in, you can Add Your Site now. Once you have finished adding your site, you will be presented with some Ad Code that you must insert into your own website before your site is activated. Once your site is activated, our system will begin serving the ad that you created to other similar websites.

After you Add Your Site to the Network we will present you with some Ad Code that you will need to put in the source code of your website. The Ad Code is about 10 lines of Javascript that will automatically fetch related advertisements and display them on your website in the way that you indicated when you Add[ed] Your Site. By displaying ads on your site, you tell our servers that you are actively participating in the Network and we will in turn display your advertisement on other similar pages.

Come to Registration and try AdgridWork now!

Finally, I hope these programs might help you and me increasing our Blog traffic. Let try, sleep, and maybe tomorrow, when you wake up, you have many many invitations to exchange traffic!


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