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Monday, September 1, 2008

Book Review: Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com: English and Vietnamese

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Have you read the book of John Chow, so called Make Money Online with John Chow dot com : How I went from zero to $10000 a month by blogging and you can too? For those clueless who don’t know who is John Chow, well he was a dude running a tech media site, then he started to blog. Then came an idea to monetize his blog. From there onwards, his monetizng of blog has been so successful, he has became plenty of case study of many aspiring Internet entrepreneur, including me

Back to the E-Book, the title itself is explanatory. It gives you hope as a newbie or someone new in this field a belief that you too can make it. And indeed you can, if you’re dedicated enough. I’m reaping the rewards of John Chow advice infact. Well not so much from the E-Book, I visit his blog often previously and follow to the tee all his guides and advices. So when the E-Book came out, I was not surprised

Few of John Chow loyal readers might notice some of the content being familiar. Yes, its because most of the content are basically from John’s blog. With the essential copy, paste, organizing, editing and sorting, his 1000 plus post has become a useful E-Book to us! Thanks John

The E-Book is 59 pages and it’s quite idiot proof meaning no Internet jargon many of the E-Book scammers tries to pull on you. He explains in the book as if he’s talking to us of sorts, in simple layman term. If there is a concept or instruction to be followed, it will be explained in detail

The E-Book comprise of the following sections

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - My Recommended Money Makers
Chapter 3 - Beginner’s Blogging Tips
Chapter 4 - Must have Wordpress stuff
Chapter 5 - Pumping out the Content
Chapter 6 - Monetize your blog
Chapter 7 - Google Optimization
Chapter 8 - Promoting Ideas
Chapter 9 - My Story

As you can see, the E-Book is not that thick of a volume. John believe in quality rather than quantity. It’s truly a book that resourceful and helps the new to intermediate users. I do hope on the next installment of his E-Book I hope he’ll focus more on the more advance user and his prediction for the future Internet entrepreneurial trends.

Here in my blog, I introduce for Vietnameses the Vietnamese version of this book. It is translated by Pham Minh Hien. Click here to download and read it! Thanks Pham Minh Hien for sharing!


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