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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to add the contact form to your blogspot? - Guidances with pictures

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Almost websites of companies have the contact form for convenience to contact, help, ask, explain, etc. There are many ways to do it, with Kontactr, with Contactify,... In this post, I shall show you how to add a contact box in the blogspot using Contactify.

Actually this technique is very basic, however I hope it can be useful for beginning bloggers.

For Vietnamese beginning bloggers, you can visit here to read in Vietnamese.

First you have to visit the page to register an account with your detail contact email and password. Of course you have to confirm the code from that website. Then you open your email account and activate your account with

You can see the following picture to see more clearly:
After finishing this step you get a link of the form: Now you just need to add the code of the form <a href="" target="_blank"> Contact </a> into the html of your blog. (Go Layout-->Edit Html and paste the above code in a suitable position in your htlm).

However, if you would like to embed your contact form into the source code, you use the last number in the above link (it is called link number, for example, the link number in the above link is 4ea1e). Now in the page let choose the tag embed, enter your link number, and press the tag widgetbox. You can see n the following picture:
Now in the box Widget setting you enter your Name to contact, change the width, height, check your link number, enter your massage in the Custom message box. You need not fill any thing in the CSS box. Finally, you press Get Widget.

Now you copy the code and paste in your html as above.
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